Achieve Higher Academic Success with The iPad

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"75% of students agreed that the iPad enhanced their learning experience" - Oklahoma State University News

iPads and other mobile devices are entering K-12 schools at an aggressive rate. Schools and universities are utilizing iPads, iPhones, tablets and other handheld devices to enable mobility in the classroom and achieve higher standards of how-to-prepare-for-ipads-in-the-classroom-cover-page.pnglearning.

In some cases the schools have rolled tablets out to every student, and in other cases students and teachers are bringing personal devices from home. Either way, schools are upgrading their wireless networks to accommodate the influx.

This eBook will help answer questions to prepare your school for the iPad
(and other mobile devices):

  • How do you plan for the iPad on your wireless network?

  • What are the top things you need to know to manage iPads and other mobile devices on your wireless network?

  • Can your school wireless network support the increasing amount of mobile devices and iPads?

  • If your wireless network needs an upgrade, what is the next step?