Network Access Control

The proliferation of mobile devices like the iPad, the PC and smart phones have a created a challenge for any network manager in today’s enterprise environment. Today it’s a requirement to securely provide network access to each group of users regardless of who owns the device and where they are accessing the network from.

SecurEdge designs Network Access Control systems with application level and device level visibility and control.

Our solutions include:

Role Based Access Control- we integrate our solutions with directory services, and then provide network access to only the resources, applications, and content each user is approved to use.

Device Registration
- Networks can be overrun with employee or guest owned devices. This can create a nightmare for network administrators to try to manage. SecurEdge can build a registration process into your infrastructure to allow guest users to self-register, once approved; they can access the network in a limited role that you define.

Device Fingerprinting
- it’s important to know who is accessing the network; it’s just as important to know how they are accessing the network. Security policies can now be applied based upon the Identity of the user as well as what type of device they are using.

Location Aware
- policies should also be written based upon the users location. Are they on the main campus? Are they working from home? You can and should be able to adjust your security posture by location.

Policy Enforcement
- a critical part of network access control is limiting the corporate liability as well as protecting users and the network. This can be done by controlling the behavior of devices connecting to the network. SecurEdge provides ultimate application visibility and control giving you the ability to control the content and risks you’ll allow on your network.

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