10 Reasons Why Your Wi-Fi Performance Sucks (Infographic)

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | September 23, 2015 | Read Time: 4 mins

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Wi-Fi connectivity is the fuel that drives a business. You need great Wi-Fi performance to keep the whole operation running at maximum efficiency.

However, this isn’t always easy to achieve and oftentimes you see your connection fluctuating from day to day. Now you’re left wondering where it all went wrong and there is usually no simple answer.

If your struggling to find an answer, it’s because there's more to it than it seems. The truth is there are hundreds of reasons why you may be experiencing poor Wi-Fi connectivity and it’s usually a combination of several factors. 

That's the reality about wireless networks, it's never just one thing, it's never in one place and it might night even belong to you (BYOD). 

To perfect your business’ Wi-Fi network, you should look at every possible angle. It may be as simple as your own APs interfering with each other or it could be your buildings concrete walls that unfortunately wasn't apart of your wireless network’s initial design. 

It’s not easy to create the perfect Wi-Fi network but it’s possible to support your goals and satisfy your users expectations.

You need great planning, proper analysis using site-suveys, utilizing real-time data with a wifi management system and of course a design that is built around your environment and your exact needs.

To help you, here is a very useful infographic from Randstad Technologies. You can start by using this as a checklist on what you may have missed.

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