3 Benefits of WiFi RTLS in Healthcare

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | July 1, 2011 | Read Time: 2 mins

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WiFi RTLS can solve many problems found inside a hospital today. With WiFi RTLS, assets and people can be tracked inside the hospital. Shrinkage can be reduced and accidents can be prevented. WiFi RTLS has many benefits for all types of industries, but the benefits it can provide to healthcare are immensely valuable.

Here are the top 3 benefits to Wi-Fi RTLS for your Hospital:

1. Temperature Monitoring

The proper storage of pharmaceuticals, tissues, organs, blood, food and other items at specific temperatures in hospitals is a requirement for patient safety and maintaining an acceptable level of quality of care. Monitoring freezers and refrigerators in hospitals today is accomplished mostly by a very inefficient daily manual processes.

WiFi RTLS can easily track the storage temperatures using tags that collect data automatically. Alerts can be sent to a wide variety of devices, detailed reports of temperatures, as well as error conditions, are documented. This information is stored for long-term trending and analysis, even providing documentation for internal or regulatory audits.

2. Asset Management

Just about every piece of valuable equipment in a hospital is mobile or on wheels. Finding the right equipment can sometimes be a complete task all in itself since the location of the equipment may be unknown. A simple remedy to the problem of finding equipment is to have a system that knows the whereabouts of all equipment at all times and anywhere on the campus. With Wi-Fi RTLS, you can have an asset tracking solution for locating equipment using a Web browser, even when equipment is locked behind closed doors. Reduce shrinkage, costs of equipment rentals and eliminate staff time spent searching for equipment by making your assets visible at all times.

3. Patient Safety and FlowUsing WiFi RTLS can easily reduce the amount of safety incidents and improve safety and peace of mind for clinical staff. Many patients, including psychiatric patients, trauma patients and the elderly may pose a risk to themselves by wandering or leaving their hospital bed. Keeping track of any wandering patients can sometimes be the difference between life or death for that patient.

By leveraging a hospitals existing WiFi network, WiFi RTLS locates all tagged patients at any time, anywhere within the footprint of the network. If a patient is in his room or on his assigned floor, RTLS will locate them. Should a patient walk into the fire escape, WiFi RTLS will alert staff and security about the event.

These are just three major benefits to Wi-Fi RTLS in healthcare. There are many other ways to utilize RTLS. Interested in Wi-Fi RTLS for your hospital campus? Contact us for a free consultation to get started or download our free Hospital wireless design guide.

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