3 Powerful Retail WiFi Solutions that Increase Customer Engagement

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | June 10, 2014 | Read Time: 3 mins

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The economic recession has hit everyone harshly. The recession is no exception for retail stores as they struggle, even now, to find a way to begin topping sales again. As the economy slowly comes crawling back to life it’s safe to say creating the finest customer engagement in stores is at the top of everyone’s list for maintaining and growing sales.

In this day in age providing customers with a relevant and personalized experience includes allowing shoppers access to Wi-Fi. And if you’re going to allow your customers to access wireless why not use that to your advantage, as the use of smartphones and tablets allows retailers new and innovative ways to sell services and attract customers.

Many retailers such as online giants Amazon, market strategically based on customer’s buying cycles. This type of data can be collected from customers logging on to the network inside retail stores to collect and market similarly.

“According to IHL Group, 41% of smartphone users have checked competitors’ prices on their smartphones while in a retail store either with Amazon, Red Laser, or other comparison engines.”

Allowing consumers discounts that meet or exceed the prices they will find online simply by logging on to your available Wi-Fi network could really be a GIANT step towards creating an incredible customer experience. This same service could also allow you to collect priceless buying and shopping data from your customers.

If you are trying to update your customer’s shopping experience or create a method to collect and measure the way your customers interact and behave with your business then these “Top Ways You Can Use Retail Wifi to Create a Better Customer Experience” will get you on the right path:

Inventory Control & Mobile Checkouts:

Sales associates can use iPads and other tablets as assistants allowing them real time information on inventory as well as placing orders and mobile check out. This ability allows the associate to check the customer out on the spot, keeping customers from feeling anxious and impatient in long, frustrating checkout lines.

In Store Product Location & Location Based Marketing:

Marketing information specific to customers can be handed to them through the customer’s smart phone allowing them access to personal messages rewards and coupons. Retailers can offer product information, marketing offers and specific services through mobile applications. Retailers can adjust in-store signage to match consumer traffic patterns. They can also find out the displays customers are stopping and spending the longest time on.

Strategic Text Messages or Push Notifications:

Retailers can aggregate shoppers’ demographic information and hold strategic campaigns to deliver relevant content if the customer agrees to the terms set forth when logging into the store’s branded app or captive portal. Not only is this cost effective, but it also gives businesses the ability to scale to larger audiences overtime.

A common and popular tactic with SMS is “Geofencing” where relevant text messages are sent to subscribers when they’re within a virtually pre-defined area. This gives you the ability to send targeted, relevant content and offers to your customers when they are more likely to take advantage of it, when they are near or already inside your business.

As far along as we are with technology, there is still a certain level of fear from consumers about being “tracked or traced” even if the retailers do not have information about the device’s owner but simply its MAC address, manufacturer and signal strength.

Though time may likely cause this fear to dissipate, right now some steps can be made to allow the consumer to think there is value in giving some of their information in the way of a return. Early access to a sale or percentages off certain items could certainly entice the customer to feel better about their Mac address being tracked.

Overall, there is value to be had in the knowledge that’s available and value in making sure you have a secure retail wifi network infrastructure that could allow this type of customer experience to be established.

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