4 Benefits of Digital Signage in Hospital Wireless Networks

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | February 22, 2012 | Read Time: 3 mins

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One of the biggest trends in healthcare right now is digital signage essentially because of its many advantages to everybody. Patients sitting in the waiting room, guests or visitors lingering in the lobby, physicians or employees chatting and dining in the break room; all of these moments occur continuously throughout the day in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Every single one of these occurrences is an opportunity to deliver information through digital signage. With a proper hospital wifi network, digital signage monitors can be purposefully sited throughout hospitals and healthcare facilities delivering relevant content that benefits each specific audience.

Here are just 5 of the many ways hospital/healthcare digital signage can be valuable to your facility:

1. Waiting Room Digital Signage

digital signage hospital

No matter what type of healthcare facility you go to chances are you are going to have to wait and sometimes that waiting time can be minutes and sometimes it can mean an hour, either way, flipping through old, worn-out, and germ infested magazines gets old real quick.

Healthcare facilities can take advantage of this time and alleviate the frustrating waiting time issue by putting digital signage displays in waiting areas that not only make the wait more enjoyable, but also to distribute important information.

These screens usually provide engaging news, relevant health and wellness information, and any updates or information about the healthcare facility or policies. In specialized or bigger facilities the information can even be more specialized to become more pertinent to the viewing audience. 

2. Touchscreen kiosks Check-in and Facility navigation

Navigating as a patient or visitor through and big facility like a hospital can be very confusing and frustrating. By using touchscreen kiosks and digital signage you can easily direct visitors about the building using things like detailed map diagrams, physician directories, step-by-step directions from point A to point B.

This will not only improve guest experience in your facility, but also speed up check-in. You can also allow patients to fill out forms and schedule appointments on a kiosk, which will make like much easier for your staff.hospital digital signage waiting room

3. Inform and Promote Products and Services

Not only can digital signage improve patient experience it can also be used to inform and promote products and services.

By using digital signage to stream informative material and educate visitors, hospitals and healthcare facilities can enhance sales of services or products without seeming pushy.

For example in a plastic surgeons office I’ve seen their digital signage provide customers success stories, the surgeons recent awards and accreditations, new interactive website features, and even products like scar creams and how to use them after surgery. This display covered everything, promotion of services, info. on products you can buy, and even promoted their website to drive more traffic.

4. Improved communication among healthcare employees

Digital signage displays can be put in break rooms and lounges for the same reason you would put them in waiting rooms, to engage and inform. Vital information, policy and procedure changes, notices, training opportunities, and interesting material provided through digital signage is a great way to communicate to numerous employees quickly and easily. It can also replace those standard whiteboards usually found in nursing stations and operating rooms to improve coordination and workflow communication.

These are just a few of the many ways digital signage can benefit everyone at your healthcare facility. It has the potential to provide a positive experience that will embolden future patronage of the facility deploying it.

Through correct planning and implementation, digital signage can deliver precisely the kind of desired and often critical information that is needed by both hospital visitors and staff.

SecurEdge Networks has designed and deployed numerous hospital wireless networks and healthcare Audio Video implementations. If you have any questions about your hospital wireless network or digital signage contact us here our expert wireless design and AV engineers would be glad to help. We offer a free hospital wireless design guide and free consultations as well!

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