What is Mobile Device Management and Why do Schools Need It?

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | November 11, 2013 | Read Time: 2 mins

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IT departments used to have full authority on what computers could or should be used and what devices could or could not enter the network.  In today’s age, the population has almost demanded (loudly) the ability to use the device they want on the network at all times.

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IT departments are now in a position where they must allow a collaborative way to get this demand accomplished by providing the ability to use devices (many devices) on the network.  This shift in mentality has brought on a new wave of questioning around allowing these devices on the network and how the management of said devices will efficiently be implemented.  Welcome on the scene, Mobile Device Management or MDM which is a broad term many define differently.  In the purest form, mobile device management allows the monitoring, management and support of mobile devices on your network. 

MDM is an integral piece of a Wireless Network’s ability to stay secure and efficient while safeguarding your students or employees from unwanted applications or information.  By providing a centralized platform to manage devices it’s the answer to what most people find they lack: time.  Time out of your schedule or your IT staff’s schedule as all these tablets and smartphones on your network are requiring personal attention to properly secure.  In this day in age, there is little argument for not having a proper MDM solution.  So, the question stands: what’s a proper MDM solution consist of?

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  • Web-based solution so updates can be automatic and painless to install and device diagnostics can be issued and identified remotely
  • Remote configuration and monitoring where you can wirelessly provision internal and recommended apps
  • Passwords, blacklists and other security policies enforced so you can protect personal and corporate data
  • Remote disabling or disconnecting of unauthorized devices and applications
  • Scalable so new user and new devices can be easily integrated

A proper MDM solution may seem like just another decision to be made in a string of long drawn out processes, but it will truly save enough time and energy once implemented.iPads in the classroom, mdm in education, wifi service providers,

So the question is, how does your school or district plan to manage mobile devices? If a giant question mark is popping up in your head, don’t worry you’re not alone and we can help you figure that part out. There is a lot to consider when trying to choose the best solution. Selecting a mobile device management solution can be a intimidating task, especially in light of already-strained school IT resources and funds, but it is essential to any 1:1 or BYOD implementation. See Yes, BYOD Solutions Do Need Mobile Device Management for more information specific to MDM for BYOD environments. 

MDM should be a critical part of any school wireless network. If you have any questions about wireless technology in the classroom or mobile device management for your school wireless network you may contact us here. We have helped schools all over the country and would love to be a resource for you. Good luck!

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