How to Engage Your Customers through WiFi Marketing

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | October 26, 2017 | Read Time: 3 mins

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What if you could harness the power of secure WiFi to reach your customers in real time and give your business a competitive advantage all at once?

WiFi marketing” is a buzzphrase you may have been hearing lately, and it’s one case where the hype might actually be justified.

It’s an add-on application that sits on top of your wireless network in order to enhance mobile engagement with customers. Think of it as a way to tap your customer on the shoulder through their smartphone or other mobile device and say, “Hey!”

More and more businesses are jumping on the WiFi marketing train because WiFi is everywhere now, so why not capitalize on a service that’s already being provided to customers?

When they log into your network, the data that’s captured by that exchange can be used to send them targeted messages and offers that will build their brand loyalty.

Your customers already expect free, fast, secure WiFi wherever they go. But the benefits aren’t just one-sided. A recent survey conducted by Devicescape reveals that almost 62% of establishments that offer free WiFi find that their customers stay longer, and 50% of them report that their customers actually spend more money there.

But WiFi marketing takes this positive relationship one step further. It is built on the idea that when a customer uses their device to access your WiFi network, they are creating a bridge that can allow information to flow in both directions.

For example, if a customer visits your restaurant for the second time in a month, his device’s indoor location services can alert your network, which can automatically text him a coupon he can use on his order, right now. The customer receives a 20% discount on his lunch, which makes him not only happy but also more likely to return.

Conversely, if a customer hasn’t visited in awhile, your WiFi marketing software can reach out to her with a special offer or newsletter, enticing her to come back. Your predetermined settings are then automated by your WiFi marketing software: want this special offer to go out automatically one week after a customer’s recent visit? One day? Two months? It’s completely customizable.

We’re really just seeing the outer edge of what WiFi marketing can do. In the coming years, businesses will increasingly be using WiFi analytics to create a more customized, targeted relationship with customers. The results? Happy, repeat customers and a boon to your business. Win, win.

But First—How’s Your WiFi Network?

Just like you wouldn’t try to put icing and candles on top of a cake before you actually bake the cake, WiFi marketing is only possible when your business has the WiFi and network security to support it.

If your WiFi network is outdated or poorly designed, installed, or managed—or all of the above—then any efforts you make toward WiFi marketing will remain half-baked.

Any WiFi marketing plan or software you invest in can only perform as well as your wireless network. At SecurEdge, we design fully integrated systems, from the networking components to security and ongoing management.


When we deploy a large-scale wireless network, we design it for our client’s unique RF environment, and the specific applications and devices that will be connecting to the network.

Every enterprise-grade wireless system today requires the same general mix of hardware and software.


Today's networks are only as good as their WiFi design. No matter which products you’re using, their performance will inevitably be hampered by poor design.

This emphasis on wireless network design is especially important when you consider the nature of customer engagement with your WiFi network.

Every business is different. We take into account not only the type but also the capacity of devices you need to accommodate. Whether you have 500 or 5,000 (or more!) customers accessing your network, we can build a wireless network to ensure they have a positive user experience.

And to streamline your wireless services and provide optimal performance, we bundle all of the design, deployment, and management into an affordable monthly subscription.

Start at the Beginning

So WiFi marketing is exciting, yes. And you don’t want to lose customers to competitors with cutting-edge WiFi marketing software. But don’t put the icing before the cake. If you’re ready to a) optimize your wireless network in order to b) unlock its marketing potential, contact us here.

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