iPads in the Classroom: Changing the Face of Education Infographic

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | September 12, 2013 | Read Time: 3 mins

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The traditional learning model is no longer the most effective method for educating this tech-savvy generation. Mobile devices like the iPad are what get today’s students engaged and interested. Studies show by as early as 2018 digital instruction could very well replace traditional printed methods. Technology in the classroom is changing the face of education as we speak.

iPads are at the forefront of this classroom technology revolution. Since their release in 2010, Apple’s iPads have swept the nation and are now extending their proliferation into classrooms all over the United States. iPads in education provide so many benefits and ways to enhance education and augment new learning opportunities. The infographic below showcases some really interesting stats and survey results on the use of iPads in education. 

iPads in education infographic

Mobile technology like iPads in the classroom is the present and future of education. The accelerating proliferation of iPads in the classroom will only continue. Schools need to get a plan to bring these fabulous learning tools to the classroom. If you have any questions about bringing mobile devices like iPads to your school wireless network, you can contact us here. We are experts in school mobility and have worked hundreds of educational institutions all over the country. We are always happy to help! Good luck!

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