Is Mobile Device Management a Necessity for Hospitals?

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | October 26, 2012 | Read Time: 3 mins

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These days, mobile device security has become a major concern for health care organizations.  The use of devices like tablet computers and smart phones which are owned by employees in a concept known as BYOD or  “bring your own device” for business purposes is now the focus of healthcare organizations. 

BYOD greatly satisfies the employees because they are able to use a single portable device in their workplace for business and personal purposes.  On the other hand, healthcare companies are also benefited because their hardware costs are reduced. However, with HIPAA, a BYOD program is now required to undergo a careful planning, in compliance with its security standards.   

Risks of Not Having Mobile Device Security  

•    Failure to implement an effective security for mobile devices in healthcare organizations can be subject to increased penalties from both federal and state levels in accordance with the HIPA Act.   

BYOD security

•    Healthcare organizations that fail to implement proper security measures on mobile device could run the risk of having loose physical control over their overall security.  The tendency is that the device could be accessible to unauthorized persons, or they could be lost or stolen.

•    These organizations could also encounter technical issues regarding the use of worthless devices, networks, applications and mobile operating system.  

•    Personnel issues can be crucial in BYOD program development when the employees resist the implementation of mobile device security policies and measures concerning their personal devices.  It can lead to demoralization and disrupting of efficient healthcare services if they oppose the adoption of encrypted electronic communications and local storage. 

•    When the employees neglect to report any theft or loss of a device promptly, it can slow down the organization’s ability to respond quickly to a security incident.                     

Benefits of Having Mobile Device Management

•    It can help healthcare organizations in addressing the technical issues in BYOD implementation through a cost-effective way.  This is done through effective mobile device solutions that utilize various tools in solving specific BYOD security issues.  Moreover, installation of security patches, updating of mobile security device software and interacting with other systems used for data synchronization and storage are taken into consideration.  

mobile device security •    These mobile security devices enable simpler and quicker access to data that results in better care of the patients.  With healthcare professionals becoming less dependent on laptops and desktops, they would be able to provide a more efficient care in any environment.  

•    It is cost effective.  It allows organizations to reduce the need for more devices, thus bringing down costs.  Moreover, you can also reduce your maintenance cost when there are only few devices to maintain.

•    It can provide you with more free space and less clutter.  It can deliver more services efficiently, has a lower rate of errors, and can be linked to other electronic healthcare systems.

The Need for Fast-Track Mobile Device Solutions

Today, healthcare providers are undergoing a quick mobility to implement security measures on their mobile devices  to comply with strict government regulatory standards.  There is now an emerging demand for companies that can provide specialized services on mobile device management in healthcare.  The need for reliable mobile device security software to monitor and enforce a real-time data security is underway.  
mobile device security It should meet any HIPAA standards, and should satisfy the large and diverse community of IT professionals, healthcare employees, and patients as well.  This mobile device software should also allow healthcare organizations to reduce their HIPAA cost and other compliance costs through automation of management controls and procedures.  The service company should be able to provide the healthcare organizations with centralized monitoring and effective reporting system on corporate-wide vulnerability management.  

With today’s BYOD explosion on hospital wireless networks, it really is vital to have a mobile device management solution for your healthcare facility to get the level of security necessary for BYOD.

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