Wi-Fi is King: The Demand for Wireless Access in College [Infographic]

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | July 27, 2015 | Read Time: 3 mins

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What's the one thing college students can't live without? We'll give you a hint it's definitely not textbooks...

We're talking about Wi-Fi.

In fact, according to Online Colleges, an extraordinary 90% of all college students look at Wi-Fi as an essential tool critical to their success – to the point that they wouldn’t even think of going to a school that doesn’t offer fast, reliable and ubiquitous wireless connectivity.

The importance of having robust wireless networks on our college campuses has even reached the same level of significance as food and sleep, with students placing it right at the top of their necessities list.

The influence that Wi-Fi has on students is remarkable; these party-loving youngsters would even choose to not drink alcohol at all than be without Wi-Fi.

Yes, wifi is that important to your students.

With more and more mobile devices trying to access your network and students expectations growing by the minute, every college and university has to be ready to support their students needs as well as the many challenges that comes with them.

The first and most critical step in any campus wireless network update or refresh is understanding your current environment as well as your end-users, in this case your students. 

This knowledge will help guide you as you create a wireless network designed to support your goals as well as what your students need to succeed. 

Check out the infographic below from Online Colleges as they take a detailed look into the relationship between your students and wifi, some of the findings are eye-opening.


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