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Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | September 28, 2011 | Read Time: 1 min

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Mobile devices have imploded over the past few years. Mobile devices have integrated into all parts of society from business to schools, and even into the government. But how does a government agency or even a large enterprise allow and control their mobile devices and protect sensitive data?

SecurEdge Networks can combine advanced wireless LAN technology, military-grade cryptography and security certification compliance to safely allow government mobile devices to access networks that handle sensitive but unclassified, confidential and classified information.

Leveraging next generation with secure mobility and access privileges, government agencies can allow authorized users get secure access to network resources based on who they are – no matter where they are, what devices they use or how they connect.

Here are some ways that we can provide secure mobility to government mobile devices:

Line-rate military-grade cryptography including support for WPA2, Suite B, OCSP and extensive PKI system integration secures users and data streams for both classified and unclassified network access without requiring costly access point (AP) enclosures to protect cryptography keys, nor requiring proprietary and expensive cryptographic overlays.

Government security certifications and accreditations include NIST FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria EAL-4, U.S. DoD directives, DoD UC-APL as well as approvals and type accreditations by the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army and U.S. Military Health System.

Mobile Device Access Control (MDAC) enforces network, application and bandwidth usage policies and provides device-specific data, statistics and usage reports.

Assured wireless performance in complex RF environments with Adaptive Radio Management technology, which automatically activates and dynamically adapts the WLAN under constantly changing conditions.

End-to-end visibility and centralized control simplifies the management of mobile users that connect to multivendor, multisite enterprise networks.

For high security, efficiency, and handling sensitive information -- SecurEdge Networks can handle all your wireless network needs. Whether you are a school campus, hospital, large enterprise, or even a government agency, we have multiple solutions that will give you the mobility you need.

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