Wireless Network Design for K-12 Schools

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | August 5, 2011 | Read Time: 1 min

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Primary and secondary (K-12) educational institutions are increasingly turning to computer technology to improve the quality of education and the overall effectiveness of the school environment for teachers, administrators, students and their parents.

The increased use of computer technology has enabled new educational tools and methods, higher productivity and improved communications. However, the reach of the computer network has limited the utility of computers and educational applications.

The networks in most schools are unable to satisfy today’s requirements. The necessary sharing of resources and the mobile nature of students, teachers and administrators make the network
requirements even more challenging. Many classrooms cannot even accommodate a mobile cart—a temporary installation of five or ten networked computers for a special lesson or activity.

SecurEdge Networks has the solution for your school and wireless network. Schools have an immediate and growing need for and reliance on network-based resources and technologies. Increasingly, they need to make these resources and technologies accessible to more people, more often and in more places. This trend will continue. Wireless mobility networks address networking needs more easily and cost effectively than wired networks.

Schools should consider only WLAN solutions that address the specific needs of primary and secondary schools today, and allow for:

  • An easy, cost-effective implementation that leverages the existing wired network and provides
    superior scalability and investment protection
  • A less complex network with centralized management and control, requiring less time and fewer
    personnel resources to operate
  • Advanced future-proof network security, including authentication, access control and intrusion
    protection, providing integrity for the air, the network, the users and the data.

Let SecurEdge Networks provide the solution to your wireless network needs.

Contact us for a free wireless network design to design, deploy and support your wireless network.

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