5 Ways Technology in the Classroom is Changing Education

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | August 19, 2013 | Read Time: 3 mins

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Today’s the big day for many students…back to school! My younger sister just left for her first day of college today nervous like just about any other freshman would be. Wondering about what to wear, how early to leave, and most importantly making sure she has all the right supplies. The most important items on her list included things like, iPad, MacBook Air, Smartphone, etc. 10 years ago the most important items would be a notebook and pen and the school would just buy desktops for those computer labs which are on the verge of extinction. Boy have things changed!

Technology is a central part to learning in not only many college classrooms, but also k-12 education as well. For example, a nearby school district issued thousands of laptops to students in a 1:1 implementation and test scores and graduation rates are up!

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As any educator knows it is essential to keep students engaged. With today’s tech-savvy generation the key is using technology like laptops, smartphones, and iPads in the classroom. Today’s students have grown up with all this technology, so schools must change with the times and adapt to the way students learn best. Classrooms all across the US have already or plan to implement 1:1 (1 device per 1 student) and BYOD (bring your own device) solutions to facilitate the use of all these great technological learning tools.

Technology is a central part of our everyday lives now, so of course it should be a key aspect to education in order to prepare students for the real world and their future careers where they will most likely be using mobile devices. Technology in the classroom is changing education as we speak, and here’s how:technology in the classroom, school wireless networks, wifi service providers,

1) Education now extends beyond the classroom walls.

With devices like iPads for example, students are no longer confined to a computer lab. As soon as an assignment is available students can work on it inside their classroom, at home, while waiting on the bus, in between classes, etc. Mobile classroom technology can bridge the gap between classroom and home learning.

2) The textbook is becoming extinct.

I remember one of my favorite back-to-school activities (I always got excited about going back to school) was making book covers for my textbooks. This fun, crafty back-to-school ritual will soon be unheard of with the impending extinction of the textbook. With all these mobile devices in the classroom, eBooks are becoming more popular. Which makes sense; they are cheaper, more up-to-date, quickly accessed, and more interactive.

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3) There’s a change in student and teacher roles.

With technology in the classroom the traditional student and teacher roles have changed. The student has become a lot more active and engaged. Rather than just the teacher relaying information while the student absorbs and regurgitates, the teacher has become more of a facilitator than just a dispenser of information.

4) Classrooms are becoming more collaborative.

One of the characteristics of the modern classroom is collaboration and technology helps to empower it. With classroom technology students can collaborate with other students and their teachers in and outside of the classroom quickly and easily.technology in the classroom, school wireless networks, wifi companies,

5) Technology in the classroom allows teacher to deliver more personalized learning.

Lessons can be customized to fit each student’s progress and learning style. Through these learning tools educators can provide opportunities for students to be able to work and excel at their own level and pace.

These are just a few examples of how mobile technology in the classrooms is enhancing education. The list goes on and on and will only continue to grow. What an exciting future our kids have to look foward to! Technology in the classroom is changing the face of education as we speak.

If your school has not implemented a plan to integrate mobile devices on your school wireless network, it’s important to start considering different options to do so. Classroom technology solutions like BYOD and 1:1 are not just a cool, new thing to do; they are the present and imminent future of education. If you have any questions or for more information about where to start, contact us here. We have worked with schools all over the country and can help you get started off on the right track whether you are considering BYOD, 1:1, or any combination of the two. Good luck!

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