Managed Network Services: An IT Guy's Best Friend

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | May 17, 2018 | Read Time: 4 mins

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Who do we call when we forget our passwords or our screens freeze? Or when Rick from accounting accidentally clicks on that questionable spam email and compromises the security of the entire network?

We call the IT guy (or girl)! *Cue dramatic superhero music.*

Your IT people are really the firefighters of your organization, hopping from one networking problem to the next, and of course everything needs to be fixed yesterday BECAUSE OH NO I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF TYPING A VERY IMPORTANT EMAIL AND THE WIFI JUST WENT DOWN!!

What if your IT “firefighters” actually had tools that could help them prevent fires from starting in the first place? And what if those tools could take the guesswork out of IT’s job by providing them with pinpoint insight into each and every part of your network, making WiFi troubleshooting infinitely less time-consuming?

Specifically, what if they were armed with software that could monitor the health of your organization’s Wi-Fi network 24/7, seamlessly upgrade your network to keep it up-to-date, and provide detailed analytics on your network’s performance over time?

That’s what you get with managed network services, a support solution provided by SecurEdge as part of our WiFi as a Service subscription. Our proprietary cloud platform is designed to provide ongoing support once a wireless network has been designed and deployed.

Enterprise wireless networks are complex and ever-changing. Devices (both number and type), new cloud-based applications, and even the physical environment all affect WiFi performance, and these factors are dynamic. Mobile device users are on the go and using more bandwidth than ever. They want and expect a robust, uninterrupted signal. And hovering over all of this activity is the biggest concern of all: security.

Managed network services come alongside your IT staff to keep tabs on your network and ensure it’s performing as it should, providing your end users with a fast, secure, reliable connection at all times.

Let’s take a closer look at the value of managed network services and why they have the potential to be your IT department’s new BFF.


The Three M’s

The SecurEdge approach to network management can be summed up by these three M’s:


It doesn’t take long for things to go awry with WiFi, so you need real-time visibility into the health of your network. That’s why we monitor it 24/7 and give you access to the information we gather, like custom layouts and RF heat maps, health checks, and weekly/monthly reports. We look at how every switch, controller, and access point is working, independently and together, so when a problem pops up, your IT department can quickly isolate and troubleshoot it. We’ll even field the customer support calls from end users if you’d like help with that.


Each component of your WLAN network requires regular software upgrades. But your organization can’t afford hours of WiFi “downtime” every month. When looking for a WiFi partner, you’ll want to find one that can manage these upgrades seamlessly. Less downtime = less end-user anger directed at your IT staff.


Traditionally, network performance has been measured from the network’s perspective. But a true test of a WiFi network is how well it works for the end users and the devices they’re actually connecting to your network with. SecurEdge combines network testing with end-user data to create a complete picture of your network’s performance, which can be valuable information for your IT people when problems arise.

As more and more devices and cloud-based applications come online, IT folks are finding themselves with a heavier load to carry, and not necessarily an increased staff size to offset that load. But with the right software and strategy in place, you can equip your IT staff with everything they need to oversee the health of your WiFi network.

Whether you need help with some or all of the above efforts, SecurEdge can customize a support solution to fit your organization’s needs.

The SecurEdge Services Process

Powerful network management tools, like those offered by SecurEdge, are going to be a necessary part of a future-facing IT strategy for any organization that relies on WiFi to go about their everyday other words, every school, office, restaurant, warehouse, hotel—you name it.

That’s why managed network services are folded into the SecurEdge services process. Everything we’ve talked about above falls under the “Support” category, which is an ongoing effort to keep an enterprise wireless network working properly.

A lot of companies offer wireless network design services. But many of them stop there. SecurEdge stands out because of our ability to deliver ongoing support services to monitor, manage, and measure the health and performance of your WiFi network. It’s all part of our end-to-end solution, WiFi as a Service.

Analyze→Design→ Deploy→ Support


Think of this “support” as giving your wireless network, and your IT people, some TLC.

Show IT Some Love

If your WiFi goals are to deliver fast, secure, reliable wireless to your end users and keep your operations running along smoothly, then show your IT department some love. Set them up with the network management tools they need to support those WiFi goals.

Find out how SecurEdge can help you get started!

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