The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Successful Outdoor Wireless Network

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | October 8, 2014 | Read Time: 2 mins

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Outdoor wifi networks,while not new are becoming more and more in demand.I’m not here to scare anyone away from the importance or deployment of an outdoor wireless network, but it does take some different kind of thinking to be successful.Just throwing up some access points, antennas, turning on the signal and letting people connect doesn’t cut it. I mean, don’t get me wrong at it’s most simplest form this might be true, but in reality, is the tip of a very big iceberg.

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With more and more of our everyday lives becoming more mobile and more “always on, always connected” everything from sports stadiums, university campuses, retail centers, hospitals and even government organizations are looking to outdoor wifi as a top priority to enhance the user experience.

In order to ensure you are successful when designing and deploying your outdoor wireless network, we’ve put together a collection of our best outdoor wifi do’s and don’ts.

4 Big Issues with Outdoor Wireless Networking

Planning an outdoor wifi network can be intimidating because it’s hard to account for all of the variables especially when the tools to do so are either expensive or don’t offer enough visibility. So, it’s sometimes best to get the problems out of the way first. In this blog we cover 4 of the biggest issues you can expect to come across when designing an outdoor wifi network along with pro tips to make sure you don’t make a mistake.

Traditional Outdoor Wireless Networks Vs. Outdoor Mesh Networks

There is always confusion over when to use traditional outdoor wifi or outdoor mesh. Mesh networking can be a great solution if used in the right situation. Here we explain how wireless mesh works and it’s different industry based applications. Also discover what “mesh-hopping” is and how this can affect your design.

5 Things You Need for a Great Outdoor Wireless Network Solution and Why

A lot of times multiple systems exist, be it an indoor or an outdoor network. Maybe it started out that you only needed outdoor but now you need indoor or vice versa, what do you do then. You probably have access points that are from different manufacturers some only for outdoor and some for indoor, possibly some that are both but are on different systems. Confused yet? In this blog we break down the 5 things you need the most to make sure you have an outstanding outdoor wireless solution.

8 Tips to Design an Outdoor Wireless Network Like a Pro

We’ve been designing outdoor wireless networks for as long as we can remember. With that experience comes some pretty awesome takeaways. In this blog we’ve compiled our top 8 tips that follow many of the same guidelines and principles that our engineers use everyday to design enterprise level outdoor wireless networks. From RF planning tools to applications and devices using these 8 takeaways will ensure a successful outdoor wifi design and deployment.

The idea is to understand your environment, your current system and most importantly what you are trying to actually do. In a growing mobile world that is driven by an “always-on, always connected” culture outdoor wifi needs to be a priority and of course must be done right.

If you’re looking to get a jumpstart on designing and deploying your next outdoor wireless network, you can access our free wireless design kit below. If you have questions we’d love to help, you can get in touch with us here.

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