WLAN Solutions for School Wireless Networks

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | August 15, 2011 | Read Time: 1 min

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The increased use of laptop computers in K-12 schools has created a unique opportunity to dramatically improve the quality of teaching and learning. The integration of audio, video and graphics animation, coupled with interactivity, has enabled new teaching paradigms that expand the learning opportunities for all students.

In addition, the Internet and other communications networks have opened access to a plethora of information never before available, taking students well beyond their classroom resources.  Every laptop now includes Wi-Fi connectivity, which when used in conjunction with next-generation wireless access infrastructure from SecurEdge Networks, can deliver secure, high-speed network access to every laptop at a price that enables ubiquitous deployment of this new, effective teaching tool.

Mobility Solutions: What to Look For

•  Easy-to-use, cost-effective WLANs that leverage the existing infrastructure and provide superior scalability and investment protection

•  Centralized, multi-vendor network management and control, requiring less time and fewer personnel resources to operate

•  Future-proof network security featuring authentication, access control, and intrusion protection to ensure the integrity of the network for all constituents. 

Schools have a growing need for network-based resources and technology that are accessible from anywhere within the school at any time. WLANs address this need more easily and cost-effectively than wired networks, and can do so securely and with minimal IT overhead.

SecurEdge Networks understands the networking requirement of K-12 schools, having implemented thousands of WLANs in educational institutions across the United States. SecurEdge’s mobility controllers, access points, mobility software, and wireless management platforms offer a future-proof architecture that addresses the specific needs of primary and secondary schools. SecurEdge’s multi-purpose WLANs enhance classroom connectivity and district-wide mobility while ensuring the security on which users depend.

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