Introducing TechGrid: A Tech Services Platform

Written by Philip Wegner Philip Wegner | April 2, 2024 | Read Time: 4 mins.

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Businesses and the communities they serve are powered by technology. In effect, technology is a utility. However, the way technology is being orchestrated and delivered is fragmented and needs to be modernized. 

Introducing TechGrid, a tech services platform connecting businesses with an ecosystem of certified Tech Service Providers (TSPs) and partners to orchestrate the delivery of IT solutions.

Our History

We started our company in 2006 as a Technology Service Provider (TSP) known as SecurEdge Networks. We grew the company by focusing on one principle — solve for the customer. 

As our customers’ business needs were evolving, we started getting requests for all-digital experiences and flexible consumption models. We received questions like:

"I can buy a pizza and get real-time tracking, why can’t I get tracking on my networking project?” and, “I pay for Microsoft365 monthly, why can’t I buy our network on subscription?” 

We couldn’t solve these problems for our customers because our business infrastructure was outdated. We were running a technology company, but we weren’t digitally connected to our partners, and most of our software wasn’t connected. Disconnected systems led to manual and offline workflows which led to poor customer experience.

We spent a few years trying to connect existing industry software into digital workflows until we finally decided we needed to build a modern platform to run the company and serve customers. 

The IT Channel needs Digital Transformation

We showed our platform to several of our partners (OEMs, Distributors, Financial Service Providers), and several large VARs and MSPs. We found that most of the industry was experiencing the same problems.  

In fact, the average Tech Service Provider uses 30-45 tools including customer relationship management (CRM), service management (ITSM), project management, accounting, and more. Meanwhile, partners like OEMs and distributors rely on spreadsheets for quoting and primarily receive orders via PDF forms over email.

The irony of the technology industry is that it's not digitally connected.

Canalys predicts businesses will consume $4.94 Trillion in technology products and services in 2024 with $3.6 trillion (73.2%) sold and delivered via the IT Channel.

Many companies in the industry are investing heavily to digitize the ecosystem.  We believe our 16+ years running as a Tech Service Provider gives us a unique view of the issues that need to be solved.  

Our strategy is simple — start with the customer experience and work backward.

Our goal is to connect components and companies until Tech Service Providers have all-digital processes to sell, fulfill, manage, and finance IT solutions.

Digital Process-3

SecurEdge is now TechGrid

We transitioned from a Tech Service Provider in September of 2021 to focus on building the platform. We’ve been working with thought leaders from OEMs, Distributors, and Financial Service Providers as well as CEOs and leaders from top Tech Service Providers to build a platform that can power the delivery of IT solutions to businesses.

A brand communicates a company’s purpose and identity. With this new focus, we needed a brand update.

We chose to combine two literal concepts: technology and grid. We chose the name TechGrid because just like a power grid distributes energy to communities, TechGrid facilitates the flow of technology solutions — by connecting businesses with the experts who can provide them.

The grid represents the connective tissue between businesses and the IT ecosystem, so we can better serve customers. The X represents solving for the customer — it’s the solution we’re delivering.

An Operating System for Tech Service Providers

TechGrid provides business infrastructure for Tech Service Providers starting with a modern operating system that combines three core components:

  • Marketplace — Partners and apps are directly integrated into workspaces. Like the Shopify App store, TSPs can customize the solutions they offer, manage delivery, and turn on new services and apps to sell.
  • Digital Workflows — TSPs can sell, fulfill, manage, and finance their business with all-digital workflows starting with a modern CPQ engine.
  • Commerce — Financial services and commerce functions are embedded with a digital catalog that stores products, apps, services, and internet access with technology finance to convert products and services into X-as-a-Service consumption models.


TechGrid is backed by industry pioneers including Arnie Bellini with Bellini Capital.

“We’re excited to partner with and turbo-charge the TechGrid team by providing funding and experience to expand their solutions. TechGrid will connect and stream the 40+ applications MSPs use to provide managed services and the 20+ applications used to deliver security services. This will give MSPs a path toward much greater efficiency and profitability."

Arnie Bellini, Managing Partner of Bellini Capital

However, our partnership with Arnie goes beyond just financial support. It reflects our shared values and vision for the future.

Our Mission 

Businesses are the economic engine that provides upward mobility in communities. Technology is like power to businesses. Our mission is to connect the ecosystem of Tech Service Providers and Partners to serve businesses and help drive economic prosperity for everyone.

IT powers business, TechGrid powers IT.

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