Top 3 Benefits of Secure Wireless Guest Access

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | April 29, 2011 | Read Time: 1 min

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Secure wireless guest access provides reliable and high-performance access to the internet, without requiring the user, or guest, to reconfigure their PC or device in order to connect. Having secure wifi guest access in our schools not only allows for easy connectivity, but there are minimal administration costs, all while maintaining accountability and auditing of how the network is being used.

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Here are the Top 3 Benefits to a Secure Wireless Guest Access:

1) Separation of Traffic
Implementing a secure Guest Access will seperate and segregate internal and guest traffic, providing iron-clad security for any organizations LAN and servers. Different policies can be applied to different users on the network, allowing different network privileges to each user. This indentity-based security policy enforcement firewall enables fine-grained user control for all users.

2) Flexible Control
Secure Guest Access has a fully customizable captive portal. When a User attempts to connect to the network, they are prompted to enter a username and password via a customized webpage. This blocks devices from gaining access without the proper authentication credentials. New guest accounts can quickly be provisioned, as well as accessed. Guest Access can be provided wi thout majjor reconfiguration of guest computers, eliminating the need to call IT support for help.

3) Usage Data
Secure Guest Access provides historical data that accounts for who used the network, when they used it and how it was used. Track specific user accounts and filter out unwanted activity.

When properly implemented, a guest access system improves customer satisfaction and enhances the productivity of guests and IT staff alike. Do you need secure wireless guest access at your school, hospital, or campus? Contact us to learn more about how we can design and configure secure wireless access for your guests.

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