How Much Does a WiFi Site Survey Cost?

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | November 6, 2020 | Read Time: 3 mins

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If you're looking to refresh an existing business WiFi network or deploy one for the first time, you need to conduct a predictive RF design. However, depending on your environment's complexity, a WiFi site survey might also be necessary.

Besides how they work and what you can expect to receive, the most common question we get from customers is, "how much does it cost"? In this blog post, I'll show you how to calculate the cost of both a predictive WiFi design and a WiFi site survey using our WiFi Services Pricing Calculator.

Predictive vs. On-Site

The exact cost will depend on a couple of different variables, but the price for a predictive or on-site wireless site survey starts at:

  • $395 for a Predictive Site Survey
  • $1,450 for an On-Site WiFi Site Survey (includes a predictive site survey and is only necessary for complex environments)

If you already know, you can skip ahead to the calculator here

Just in case you're unsure of which service you need, here's a quick overview of both types.

A predictive site survey is a software-based survey of your building or facility that feeds specific information about the location in question into advanced WiFi design software to create a wireless network design.

It can be incredibly accurate, and in many cases, the only service you will need before moving forward with your deployment.

However, if your building supports more complex wireless functions such as wireless VoIP, RTLS, or MultiMedia over wireless, or it's a potentially high-interference environment (medical, warehousing, manufacturing), you will also need an on-site WiFi site survey.

A WiFi site survey is when an engineer walks your facility (again using advanced design software) to test the predictive survey and prove it's accuracy in the real-world environment.

Things like interference (noise) can be measured on-site, whereas a predictive site survey can't do that. On-site surveys can identify any devices that may cause interference, pinpoint their locations to adjust the design accordingly.

We also have software to simulate different cloud-based applications, mobile devices, and things like wireless VoIP to make sure they will work seamlessly in your environment.

How much does a Predictive or WiFi Site Survey Cost?

Now that we have the definitions and use cases out of the way let's get to the reason why you're most likely here, cost.

Ultimately, the exact cost will vary based on a couple of factors:

  • The type of environment (how you're using the building)
  • Size of the building (in square feet)

Again, as we mentioned at the beginning, regardless of the variables, both WiFi services start at $395 (predictive) and $1,450 (on-site) respectively. But, what if you want to calculate the cost for your exact building? That's not so easy.

If you've done some research online, you might have noticed that pricing for professional WiFi services isn't easy to find. In fact, to date, you can't get instant online pricing for these types of professional WiFi services.

The current process of getting a quote involves finding an engineering company or service provider, contacting them either through a form or by email or phone to set up a meeting to discuss what you need.

During that meeting, you'll need to provide floorplans and other details about the building, and then finally, after several days, possibly weeks, you should be able to get a price.

That doesn't seem like a great experience for you, and to be honest, make any sense based on the types of services involved.

So, where can you get a price online?

WiFi Services Pricing Calculator Walk-Through (Video)

The easiest and fastest way to calculate a price for professional WiFi services is using our WiFi Services Pricing Calculator.

Here's a quick video that explains why we built it and walks you through how to use the calculator.

Final Thoughts

As WiFi has evolved into a utility like power, the process of how we purchase, deploy, and manage our networks has also transformed.

Instant online pricing for services such as predictive and on-site wireless site surveys is a critical step in the right direction. It's also part of a more significant movement to provide easier, more flexible options for businesses to get the WiFi they want, how they want it.

So I encourage you to try out our pricing calculator for not only services but also network subscriptions as well.

If you have any questions, let us know using the comments below or find us on LinkedIn.

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