8 Studies Show iPads in the Classroom Improve Education

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | February 18, 2013 | Read Time: 2 mins

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Since their release in April of 2010, Apple’s iPads have taken the US by storm. iPads have swept through almost every industry, especially education. Apple is pushing for iPad use in education, and several schools across the US have taken up the charge.

The proliferation of iPads in the classroom will only keep accelerating. With these powerful mobile devices come a lot of possible benefits for educators and students alike. We all know iPads are exciting and there is a plethora of engaging apps for them out there, but do they actually improve education?


There have been many interesting studies done about iPads and the effects on both students and teachers. I’ve pulled together a list of various study results regarding using iPads in the classroom below.

Check out just how much of an influence studies show they are having on education.

Bangor Daily News A research study, conducted in Auburn, Maine showed that Kindergartner students using iPads scored much higher on literacy tests than students that didn’t use the device. Source: Bangor Daily News

MobiHealthNews University of California Irvine medical school reported iPad equipped medical students scored 23 percent higher on national exams than previously unequipped classes. Source: MobiHealthNews

McGraw Hill

Four out of five college students say that digital learning technology helps improve their grades. Source: McGrawHill

Engadget A study from KIPP Academy in Houston, TX showed the percentage of students who rated either proficient or advanced (the 'passing' rate) was 49% percent higher in the 'flipped classrooms' using the iPads than in the traditional classrooms with no iPads. Source: Engadget

CNN In a study done by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in California, showed that students using iPads saw their math test scores increase 20% in one year compared to students using traditional textbooks. Source: CNN

Oklahoma State

A study at Oklahoma State University concluded that 75% of students agreed that the iPad enhanced their learning experience.

Source: Oklahoma State University News

Game Desk Another study centered on an iPad game, Motion Math, has shown that the iPad can help with fundamental math skills. Fifth graders who regularly played the game for 20 minutes per day over a five-day period increased their test scores by 15 percent on average. Source: Game Desk

Open Colleges According to Open Colleges, 81% of U.S teachers think tablets can enrich classroom learning, and 86% of students believe that tablets can help them to study more efficiently. Source: Open Colleges

Using tablets in the classroom can be powerful tools for learning and comprehension. The interactivity it provides can make for a very engaging experience for students of all ages.

I think we will only continue to hear more studies and stories about how the use of iPads in the classroom are improving education.

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