Technology in the Classroom : Ending the Cheating Epidemic

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | August 15, 2013 | Read Time: 2 mins

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The introduction of technology in the classroom has brought a plethora of positive impacts to educational instruction. Studies show by as early as 2018 digital instruction could very well replace traditional printed methods. E-readers, tablets and interactive whiteboards will soon be a common sight in each and every classroom students walk into. 

ipads in the classroom

So, does the increase in availability to student’s mobile phones and tablets allow for a greater chance in student’s ability to cheat while testing or learning? It certainly means students can more secretly and efficiently share and access information. At one time a student had to pull a paper written “cheat sheet” out of their pocket to have the ability to cheat. It certainly seems easier that they can now cleverly pull up a “cheat sheet” on their tablet.

The good news is, with the ever evolving change in technology, software companies are wising up to this ever present epidemic in our school systems. 

Companies are creating software that allows teachers and administrators access to students’ screens while in the classroom. This could greatly mitigate the risk of students moving their content away to their cheat sheets. Some great features of this helpful software include:

Features:technology in the classroom

  • Pairs with Teacher’s Assistant for the Apple iPad
  • Monitors EdApp Certified iPad/iPod/iPhone applications
  • Monitors up to 3000 students
  • Real-time computer thumbnail monitoring
  • Thumbnails can be arranged and saved to represent the classroom layout
  • View the students’ active application and last visited website
  • View a full screen view of the student’s monitor
  • Monitor student battery status
  • Students can ask the teacher questions electronically
  • Create classes
  • Password or Active Directory-based security models

Plagiarism has also become a growing concern with educators as students have the ability to cut and paste without creating their own content and having multiple avenues to purchase other people’s works to turn in as their own. 

For this type of classroom cheating technology is also on the forefront of helping educators identify student’s involved in the cheating activity. Online programs such as Turnitin and Copyscape are examples of technological tools teachers can use to check student’s work for any type of duplication or plagiarism. ipad in the classroom

It is easy to see technology in the classroom is a growing and ever evolving trend.  Every new trend comes with sets of challenges and opportunities to overcome. Hopefully the new software developments and online programs will help educators feel more confident about the use of technology in the classroom and specifically the use of technology during testing. With the proper infrastructure and complete implementation, wireless technology will be more visible and secure than any methods before.

If your school is considering integrating a BYOD or 1-to-1 solution to utilize today’s fabulous technology as learning tools we can help. Here at SecurEdge we are experts in mobility in the classroom. Contact us here with questions or for a free consultation.


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