How to Upgrade Your Quoting Process with a Digital Catalog for MSPs

Written by Abby Humphries Abby Humphries | August 6, 2023 | Read Time: 5 mins

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Introducing the Catalog inside Central Office: A force-multiplying solution to streamline and digitally transform your IT business.  

Our digital catalog is connected to CPQ software to revolutionize the way you connect and manage your entire range of offerings, so you can sell faster and sell more—from hardware and licensing to internet connectivity and lifecycle services.  

With Central Office and our advanced Catalog as the backbone of your quoting process, you can build quotes faster, lower your operational costs, and explore untapped revenue streams. 

Why managing what you sell is always so painful

Most MSPs operate in complicated environments. Managing a centralized catalog can be a significant challenge. Many MSPs don't have a digital catalog and often rely on offline spreadsheets, leading to slow and error-prone quoting processes.  

Even if you manage to navigate this complex quoting process, any changes along the way can cost you both time and money.  

When we were an MSP, we faced a lot of challenges when it came to managing our catalog, so we understand the struggle of juggling accuracy, quality, and timely output. Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  1. Your team wastes time and can’t get the answers they need, because all your data lives in spreadsheets and siloed systems.
  2. Your sales and operations team spends countless hours building quotes from scratch due to a lack of automated tools and bundling options.
  3. You can’t quote standardized services to your customers. 

Ready to tackle these challenges head-on? Let's dive into how Central Office can help you overcome these challenges to speed up your quotes, streamline operations, and uncover new revenue streams.

How Central Office solves these problems and boosts your quoting capabilities

A lot of you sell a wide range of products and services and we know from experience how challenging that can be, but we're here to make it easier. 

We've built every feature in our catalog to solve the problems we've encountered ourselves. This means that our catalog is designed exclusively for your unique processes to save you time and win more deals. 

Seamlessly Connect Distributors, ERP, and CRM Systems into a Pre-Built and Customizable Catalog

Everything you sell either lives in an offline spreadsheet, in an ERP system, in your CRM software, with distribution, or all of the above. 

The Catalog in Central Office was designed to pull all that data into one centralized location. It’s built to work with your existing tools and partners instead of replacing them and this provides several advantages. 

Central Office source and catalog organization process
Integrated directly with distributors such as Ingram Micro and TD Synnex, the catalog gives you a comprehensive, real-time view of product availability and costs along with access to the most updated product information. 

The catalog is also connected to your CRM software, so all stakeholders are in the loop. No more manual updates or missing information – it's all automatically synced throughout the sales lifecycle. 

The catalog not only provides you with the items you currently sell but also offers access to a diverse range of additional services, such as installation, configuration, and internet services.  
You'll have convenient access to comprehensive scopes of work, visual representations, part numbers, pricing, and logistics – all neatly organized in one place. The catalog seamlessly integrates outsourced options, allowing you to view all available choices in a single, user-friendly location. 

Access the only Service Catalog with Flexible and Dynamic Pricing Options

Our Services catalog is a game-changer, offering a unique approach not found in the market today.

Unlike the traditional hourly basis quoting that most MSPs use, Central Office provides fixed-fee pricing, dynamically calculated for accuracy, speed, and convenience.

Service Information Management System Dashboard in Central Office

This means it's accurate and easy to price your services using variables like square footage, environment type, and location.  

Choose from flexible pricing options based on how your customers want to buy, whether it's a one-time or recurring payment.  

Set charges for services and apps on a per-unit basis for simplicity and precision. With the option to select fixed or dynamic pricing methods, you gain greater flexibility to tailor your pricing strategy to meet your unique needs. 

Offer standardized services throughout the entire lifecycle of the solution

The Catalog has everything you need to manage your customer’s solution throughout the entire lifecycle—from design to renewal. 

Service catalog by lifecycle pie chart
Services are organized into easy-to-use categories including assessment & design, installation & feet on the street (FOS), configuration & setup, and support.  

And with the entire lifecycle available, you can fill in any gaps your business might have with services found in the Catalog.

Use bundles to create quotes faster and build new solutions

A bundle is a combination of two or more items that are sold together as one package.  

They can make the quoting process easier by grouping frequently bought items together, saving time when building your BOM from not having to manually add individual items every time.

Diagram of building a new bundle inside the digital catalog in Central Office
Bundles also allow you to create unique solutions by packaging items together and then offering them to your customers as a single unique SKU.   

For example, you can create a new managed firewall SKU by bundling a firewall with the licensing, installation, configuration, and managed support.

This simplifies the workflow for you and the buying experience for your customers.

Bottom Line

Get ready to revolutionize your digital transformation journey with Central Office and its powerful Catalog—the essential tool you’ve been waiting for. 

If you’re struggling with product catalog management and drowning in endless manual data tasks and updates, Central Office can help. 

Our platform seamlessly connects everything you sell today and more into a pre-built and customizable catalog.  

This gives you access to the only service catalog with flexible and dynamic pricing options, so you can fill in your service gaps and grow more service revenue. 

Central Office is packed with other incredible tools designed specifically for MSPs like you.  

If you're ready to see it in action and learn more, book a live demo with us today. We'll answer your questions, explore the features in detail, and show you how Central Office can transform your business. 

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